Special Events

This is where we update and showcase special events and exciting activities that our students experienced and loved at Seedlings World.

Outer Space Exploration

During the recent Covid-19 circuit breaker when schools were suspended and children had to stay at home, we managed to conduct more than 60 Zoom learning sessions with our students.

The aim was to enable the kids to continue learning, let them maintain interaction with their friends and teachers, as well as support parents by engaging their children with interesting activities. One of our most popular and full-filled session was when we took our After School / Student Care students to Outer Space!


The children were able to learn about the different planets in our solar system and they loved this opportunity to explore outer space, as you can see from the smiling faces in their very first astronaut selfies.

Social Awareness Initiative 

Character Building is a key pillar of Seedlings World's approach to learning and education.


During the 2019 school holidays, we took our After School / Student Care students to different neighbourhoods within Singapore to look for the seniors who collect discarded cardboards and recyclables on the streets. Many of these seniors are not supported by any social group and they survive through earning a small income by selling the things they find.


Together with our students, we gave them a bag of food items, chatted with them and expressed our care and concern. This proved to be an enlightening experience for the children, as they now have a better understanding of the hardships others go through in life, and they are more appreciative of what they have.


The objective of this social awareness initiative was to teach our students about compassions and empathy, which in turn help instil in them positive values.