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Chinese Culture & Arts

At Seedlings World, we place equal emphasis on both academic results and non-academic talents. We believe children can reach their full potential when they explore and develop their natural talents, outside of studies and sports. All children possess these innate talents, but they just need to be nurtured in order to grow. Thus we incorporate a variety of Chinese culture & arts sessions into our programs to make learning more effective, efficient and more enjoyable. 

Seedlings World Tea Art


Tea Art 茶艺 is the traditional art of preparing, drinking and appreciating Chinese tea. Taking part in this art form can help people feel calmer, remove unwanted distractions and imrpove concentration.


Tea Art allows us to discover a person’s strengths, inner character and values.

Our Children class teaches kids how to control their emotions and focus on the tasks at hand. This is achieved by allowing them to observe, learn and execute every step of the Tea Art process. This exercise improves their ability to learn by increasing their attention span and reducing  their tendency for careless mistakes during studies and tests.

While our Adult class helps grown ups achieve a calmer mind and a more profound inner peace. This works to reduce the pressure of daily work stress.

Seedlings World Guzheng Lesson


Guzheng 古箏 is also known as Chinese zither, a Chinese string instrument with a history spanning over 2,500-year years. The modern Guzheng is 64 inches (1.6 m) long, and has often has 21 strings. It is tuned in a major pentatonic scale.

The sound of a Guzheng is melodious with fluid lines and natural form. Learning Guzheng also helps to develop both left and right brain, as its playing style requires coordination of both left and right hands.


As our teachers will evaluate each student's competency level and draw up a customised curriculum, you do not need prior music background to learn Guzheng.

Seedlings World Chinese Ink Painting


Chinese Painting is one of the oldest artistic traditions in the world.


This painting style is known as 国画 or more commonly 水墨画, which literally translates to "water & ink" painting, because it uses mainly black ink and water colour.

Chinese Painting is more than just a hobby or skill, it can also help people relax and cultivate their inner self, or 修身养性.

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