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After School / Student Care

A picture paints a thousand words. So perhaps a video can tell a thousand stories. Watch the video below and see what students do at our amazing learning centre on a daily basis.

Learning Benefits

#1 Schoolwork Guidance
#4 Chinese Music & Arts
#2 Chinese Enrichment
#5 Social Skills
#3 Character Building
#6 Creative & Fun Learning

Chinese Enrichment

In addition to supervising and guiding students through their regular schoolwork, we also place an emphasis on improving their command of the Chinese language. We achieve this by incorporating extra Chinese Tuition and Enrichment lessons in our After School / Student Care programme.

Nowadays, parents typically send their child to After School / Student Care during the week, and separate Chinese Tuition and Enrichment lessons during the weekends. This arrangement often entails additional costs and reduces valuable family bonding time during the weekends.

Our After School / Student Care programme aims to combine both aspects of this education to help families overcome this challenge. We enable your child to improve their Chinese proficiency during our After School / Student Care hours.

Character Building

We strongly believe that Character Building is just as important as academic performance to a child's growth and development.


This is why we incorporate Moral Education in our After School / Student Care programme. A portion of our curriculum utilises the highly respected ancient Chinese teaching text, 弟子规, to teach children about the many virtues of filial piety, respect, kindness and love. We also engage children with social awareness initiatives to let them learn through practical, real-life experience.

Shaping a child’s character requires a coordinated effort between parents and educators, as well as the understanding of the children themselves. Our goal is to help children develop a firm grasp of virtue and morality, so that they may better understand and communicate with their parents and develop a stronger family bond and relationship.

Chinese Music & Arts

Research has shown that children learn faster through when they are able to play and interact with the topic of study. When children are interested in something, their brains are automatically stimulated faster and stronger than usual. This greatly accelerates the speed at which they learn.

We harness this learning power by generating a greater interest in the Chinese language. Chinese Music & Arts elements (e.g. 茶艺, 古筝, 象棋, 书法) are incorporated into our After School / Student Care programme to help children foster an appreciation of the Chinese culture.


These lessons help to strengthen a child's connection to the Chinese language and culture, which makes learning more fun and effective.

Weekly Schedule

Weekly Schedule
1.00pm - 2.45pm

Arrival / Lunch / Freshen Up

2.45pm - 4.15pm

School Work & Assessment

4.15pm - 4.30pm

Tea Break

4.30pm - 6.00pm

Chinese Arts & Culture

Chinese Enrichment 1

Character Building
/ Life Skills

Chinese Enrichment 2

Active & Fun Learning

6.00pm - 7.00pm

Reading / Free Play / Go Home

*Above schedule is a guide. Program day and timing may vary according to centre and class.

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