We take a holistic approach in nurturing a child's growth and development. A rounded education is more than schoolwork and tuition classes, it is also empowering children to explore their interests and encouraging their natural curiosity. When children are engaged with a topic, learning becomes easier and faster.


We focus on four key areas of development: Academic, Character-Building, Social & Emotional, and Talent Discovery


We understand the importance of good academic performance for a child's educational journey. In our After School / Student Care programme, we supervise and guide children through their schoolwork, as well as provide additional assessments for them to get more practice.


Effective learning can only be achieved in conducive environment. Our Centre and its facilities are designed to promote and enhance a child's ability to learn. This translates into improved performance and results.

Character Building

All parents care for their children and want the best for them. At Seedlings World, we believe children feel the same way about their parents. They simply need a little guidance on how they should express it.


Our first lessons on Character Building is geared towards filial piety and kindness. This helps children understand their parents better, so they can appreciate what their parents provide for them.

These simple qualities form the foundation for a child's character. This allows them to develop a strong sense of identify, independence, emotional intelligence, ambition etc.

Social & Emotional

Children tend to learn faster and easier with their peers and this behaviour is termed "Co-Learning".

Social and Emotional development provide an important set of tools for children to connect and interact with others productively. We guide children on the proper way to improve their interpersonal and communication skills. This enables them to better interact with their friends, teachers, and parents. We teach this by engaging them in interactive play, team projects, outdoor activities, sports, and more.

Talent Discovery

We believe that all children have an innate but undiscovered, artistic or musical talent.

Our After School / Student Care programme incorporates many activities using Music and Arts. This makes learning more fun and interesting, but more importantly, it gives children the opportunity to explore their talents outside of schoolwork.

This helps parents and children save time and money by allowing them to pinpoint their true passions. Once this is discovered, children can then confidently choose to pursue their unique talent.