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We are extremely thankful to all parents for entrusting their children with us.

Nancy Chua

mother of 8yo girl

Seedlings World has the student welfare at heart and do their best to ensure the children can adapt to the new learning environment. Teachers are very dedicated and patient, not only on academic but they also help to shape the children's behaviours.

My girl has improved and is able to finish her homework within the given time. We are also happy to find Seedlings World with a such nice Chinese environment that allows her to understand and appreciate the Chinese culture better.

Sheryl Ang

mother of 7yo & 9yo boys

In a short span of 3 months, my boys grew to love Chinese and are conversing more in Mandarin now. The teachers at Seedlings World are caring and place great interest in the students’ welfare. In the recent school holidays, the management took great effort to plan enriching program and excursion that matches to their weekly theme!


For working parents like us, all we ask are for our kids to learn and grow in a nurturing and happy environment and Seedlings World has done just that!! We are glad that we made the choice to switch them to Seedlings World!!

Crystal Lim

mother of 9yo girl

My girl used to be quite poor in Chinese because she dislikes the language. We used to send her to other tuition classes but it didn't help much because we don't speak Mandarin at home.


Since we put her at Seedlings World, we observed that she became more interested in Chinese and her grades have also improved. I believe the environment and added music & arts sessions made her more open and interested in learning Chinese. Nowadays, she even teaches me a few new Chinese words sometimes! Haha!

Hwee Hoon

mother of 4yo girl

My daughter attended the Guzheng trial lesson and I had the opportunity to chat with the couple who started this centre over tea. The process of tea appreciation truly impressed me and I am looking forward to send my son for it! It helps one to  focus and strengthen the skill to remember things. It definitely helps improve concentration span and help one to be more observant.


What I really respect is the teacher being honest. They could have earned my money but they told me to come back when my girl is old enough for the Guzheng class. It is because she is too young (4) and her little fingers hurt when playing, even with the fake “nails” for plucking the strings.


The environment is impressive and conducive. And the place is cozy and clean. My daughter was comfortable just after a while. The founders are friendly and approachable. I would highly recommend this place for student care services or enrichment classes!

Adeline Lee

mother of 7yo girl

Seedlings World's founders and teachers are very vested in every child's well-being. They were instrumental in helping my child adapt and overcome the challenges during her P1 transition. They are very accommodating and not calculating, always putting the children's interest first.


Activities are well curated and thought through. Tea Art and Guzheng are unique student care activities that are not commonly found. My child enjoys it a lot and often talk about her time at Seedlings World fondly.

James Wong

father of 8yo girl

My child used to have behavioural and social challenge but after few months we saw improvement in her social skills and the school teacher also feedback about her improvement too.


Seedlings World's environment gave her courage to speak Mandarin and she is now trying her best to speak from zero to simple Chinese sentences. Seedlings World is not just a student care, they have a holistic approach to learning.


We are glad that we found this place and made a right decision. Most importantly they are passionate and loving. Give it a try and be convinced!

Lynette Gan

mother of 7yo boy

We like how your learning approach is more holistic and balanced. In addition to academic learning, our boy especially likes your music & arts sessions.


We never knew he's into such stuff because he's a very active and hyper boy. We're glad to discover this side of him and he's happy too.

Ms Khor

mother of 7yo girl & 10yo boy

Seedlings World 的老师很有耐心和爱心教导孩子们。我非常感激老师能耐心的观察每个孩子的弱点来改进。




mother of 8yo girl

My daughter attended after school lessons in Seedlings World. We are so blessed to have found this place.


The school put in lots of effort in making the lessons fun and useful for the children not just in academic but in character building and practical lessons for the real world as well. Our daughter’s mandarin improve significantly ever since she started her lessons here. Highly recommended!

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